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Welcome to the homepage of the Football Genius iPhone Application!


Football Genius UK Edition is a clever football prediction application. Football Genius is based on a proven algorithm to calculate the most likely outcome of a chosen match. All you need to do is choose the league, home team and away team of your choice, and Football Genius will do the rest.

Wheter you want to show your friends your football knowledge by correct guessing multiple games or try your luck down at the local bookmakers, Football Genius - UK Edition will not let you down.

Currently Football Genius support the following leagues:
- Premiership
- Championship
- League 1
- League 2

Further leagues will be available in future versions.

- An internet connection is required when syncing data.

- While Football Genius is based on an extremely accurate prediction system, please do not expect the application to predict 100% correctly.


Hope you enjoy our app - please leave feedback at Look forward to hearing from you!!




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